Transformation Retreats

Custom Designed Retreat Vacations

Custom Designed Retreat Vacations are rejuevenating opportunites of positive deep connection, learning and transformation. Each retreat is specifically designed for the needs of the individual, couple or group.

It is my pleasure and delight to create individual retreats for people who want to travel to beautiful places and immerse themselves in healing and positive growth. Included in these individual retreats are sessions in private Yoga/Movement, Transformational Body Work, Compassionate Communication, Coaching/Spiritual Counseling, Wholistic Life Design Coaching and Nature Relaxation.

Individual Retreats are for individuals who want a personal nurturing immersion in themselves. They are for anyone who wants to take a deep dive into themself for stronger self/soul connection, clarity of direction, healing, and who would love to give themselves the gift of themself!

Couples Retreats are for couples who want to deepen their intimacy, their communication skills and the meaning of their relationship. This is a great opportunity for couples to reinvigorate their love life and clear unresolved blocks to being more loving, affectionate and compassionate towards one another.

Group retreats are for small pre-existing groups who would like to have the opportunity to share intimately and grow together in a focused container.

The location choice and length of the retreat are important parts of the design and are decided upon during the design process.

Please contact me individually for an initial interview. Use the contact form in the drop down menu under Priya


Nature Immersion Group Retreats

Do you long to be out in nature but not alone?

Are commercial group adventure tours a turn off because of all the hubbub and surface chitchat that goes on?

Here is your chance to be out in the beauty of nature with a like minded group of women, interested in contemplation and rejuvenation of spirit and body.

In small group outdoor adventure retreats I gently guide you, teaching you about what you need and how to prepare yourself for being outside so that you can be comfortable, safe and free to relax. The focus is on inner reflection, relaxation, communion with nature and the sweet sharing that can happen among an openhearted group of women.

Included are Natural Movement/Somatic Yoga to help you open to the energy of the earth flowing through you, Inner Wisdom Self Reflection/Meditation, for deep self connection and Heart Wisdom Compassionate Communication to help you to cultivate fulfilling self connection and connection with others.

The retreats are individually designed to accommodate varying comfort levels. Some are in retreats centers specifically picked for their glorious locations and nature friendly environments and others are outdoor camping retreats in the national forest.

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