Why Work With a Professional Coach?

Friends and family are great but, those closest to you can rarely listen to the depth of your experience without an ear for what they have at stake in your changes, let alone help you to let go of behaviors that no longer serve the fullest expression of yourself.

As a professional coach and mentor I can help you to listen to your deepest wisdom and find new and creative pathways for your fulfillment and success.

All individual coaching and empathy sessions are conducted via telephone or Skype. To get started book a complementary session with me by filling out one of the forms on this page!


Coaching for Transformation

Coaching for Transformation is designed for you to realize your full wisdom, love and authentic expression. This work is about falling in love with yourself and letting go of everything that is not about loving yourself whole heartedly. I help you to let go of beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve your welbeing and make the changes that you want in your life.

This coaching approach is for those of you who know that “change is afoot” and want help to "refine the what”, "clarify the how” and "make the changes". I help you to create the supportive internal relationship with yourself that is essential to living life the way you want to.

You get clear on what really matters to you, let go of the mindsets, behaviors and circumstances that no longer serve you, and take actions that birth your dreams and visions into reality.

This is nothing less than transformative. It is my purpose to see you through, and because of this our work together is created for your unique process and involves a three month minimum committment to begin with.

Once you choose to enter into this process, together we design the timing and frequency of our sessions.

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Compassionate Communication Empathy Sessions

Empathy is the art of listening from the heart without judgment or preconceived agenda. The attention that you receive in Empathy Sessions is unique in this way. Empathy helps move the stuck energy that comes from unexpressed feelings and confusion about one's needs. Often times the flow of the river of our life is impeded by the debris of a passing storm and an empathy session can free up the flow of your energy.

In these sessions you have the opportunity to get deeply in touch with your feelings, transform negativity into understanding, compassion and healing, gain clarity about what you are most needing for your well-being, and clear the way forward for your next step.

This results in a more spacious perspective, relaxation of the body and mind, and the ability to think things through with mental clarity that is connected to the heart's desire.

Compassionate Communication Empathy Sessions are offered on a per-session basis or within the context of a series, depending on what is going on in your life. This work is based on the NVC model of empathy, and because of this you will get the best results if you already have a basic understanding of NVC. If you do not have these skills, please mention this in our consultation and I will make some accommodations.


Re-Connect Relationship Mediation

RE-CONNECT Mediation offers you the opportunity to transform conflict into connection, re-establish meaning and value in your relationship, and find the way back towards a deeper awareness, understanding and emotional openness with one another.

These sessions are for any two people who are having difficulty facing the painful distance of unresolved differences. They are for any two people who want to resolve stuck conflicts and come to a deeper understanding of each other, whether friends, romantic partners or business partners. Re-connect mediation sessions establish a container that uses the principles of NVC (Compassionate Communication) to create the safety that makes it possible for each of you to “hear what has been hard to hear” and “say what has been hard to say”, in a way that supports understanding, opening and transformation in your relationship.

The sessions are also a learning laboratory for you both to fine-tune your communications skills, so when you are out on your own you can transform the buds of conflict into the flowers of connection in the “real-time” moments of life.