Priya Rackoff


How others have benefitted...

In their own words...


- Brandy Hibben, Real Estate Investor, Artist, Entrepreneur

"With the help of Priya, I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been.

When I was in a big transitional phase my greatest dream came true. I was able to build a relationship with Priya as my Mentor, Life Coach and Embodiment Teacher. My life is forever changed.

My identity was shifting and changing rapidly and Priya gently guided me on all aspects of my life. We worked together to integrate all of what was most important to me - embodyment, dance, communication, lifestyle, purpose, spirituality, sexuality and most importantly self love and acceptance.

Together we worked to make sure I had a solid foundation to stand on while I navigated the terrain of a major relocation, career change and spiritual awakening. Priya tracked me with attention to every to detail and coached me in way that allowed me to feel truly seen and loved. She empowered and supported me every step of the way while consistently challenging me to make sure I was growing into the best version of myself possible.

All of my sessions with Priya gave me insights and integration techniques to cultivate the life I have always dreamed of living. Together we forged a bond that will stand the test of time. Her decades of wisdom were called on regularly and her ability to meet me in my times of challenge and celebration impressed me to no end.

I am flourishing in my new life and my new location and have made a connection with her that will last a lifetime. I am so grateful for Priya's unwavering commitment to see and support my personal transformation."


- Iris Bieri, Coorporate Executive -

"Priya is a master. I feel touched so deeply at every level of my being.

I have had the pleasure of experiencing Priya's guidance in all the areas of her expertise. Her genius is evident. She is so fully present in the way that she gives her attention, so skilled and gifted in her guiding, and so committed to the quality of my experience, that I feel grateful to know her.

As a coach, movement teacher and body worker she has helped me to connect very deeply with myself, find my authentic truth in my life journey, learn more effective movement patterns, and allow my energy to flow.

The way that I feel in my body after receiving her body work has me thinking "I wouldn't be surprised if you were in the top one hundred in the world". During a session I felt as if she were reaching into me with her energy and helping me to move mine. It is the same with her coaching. Priya reaches deeply in to me with her laser like and empathetic listening and reflects the issues that I am working with in such a way that I can see myself more clearly."


- G.H. university student -

"I feel stronger, more in touch and integrated than ever before.

It’s hard to put into words the appreciation I feel towards you when I consider what an important role you’ve played in my healing journey.

I feel more equipped to handle the challenges that might come in the future with confidence and clarity and in a more relaxed manner. I love your authentic humanness. It inspires me to be comfortable in mine. You are gentle, kind, strong, and consistent. I appreciate your patience, trust, creativity, wisdom, directness, confidence and loving support of me just being me!

Thank you, Priya, for all that you are and all that you inspire me to be."


- Aria Jackson, Translation Specialist -

"I now feel the kind of alignment with myself that I was longing for.

I have been doing personal coaching with Priya for the past 2 years and I just completed her Compassionate Communication Skills Program.

I began coaching with Priya because I was reliving the same conflicts and suffering in relationships over and over, and wanted to find a more effective, empowering and loving way to relate with others and with myself. I also wanted to feel more connected to my truth and myself, and to be able to live authentically from that place no matter what.

Through the coaching with Priya I was able to get on the path to successfully making these changes.

The Communication Program helped me become more “fluent” with my NVC Communication skills, and solidify my ability to use them more easily in my everyday life. I am more present with other people in conversation, more present with my own experience and more genuinely empathetic.

I so appreciate Priya’s mindful, skilled, open and honest coaching and feel totally safe with her to be as vulnerable as I need to be in my process. Through her highly empathetic and compassionate approach I know that whatever issues I come to a session with will be untangled, illuminated and transformed!"


- K. Nagano, Visual Artist -

"Don't miss a chance to receive Priya's inspiration!

Having heard Priya present I cannot speak to highly of her as a teacher and speaker. I have been to many workshops and presentations on Compassionate Communication and I have never heard anyone give such a clear, eloquent, deeply moving expression of how communication skills enrich our lives.

Learning Compassionate Communication has changed my life. When I listen to Priya speak about this subject, I know it can change my life even more deeply. I still felt like I was experiencing brand new learning, fresh and in ways I'd never seen or heard before.

Frequently on teleseminars, I get word fatigue, but, Priya had me totally enthralled. She pairs ideas to the beautiful essentials so I could see everything clearly. Her spacious pacing gave me time to absorb, allowing me the time to take everything in. Listening to Priya speak is an aesthetic experience because of the way she brings words to the meaningful ground and root of life.

Priya's authenticity and warmth had me wanting to jump through the phone and hug her!"


- Brock Bernstein, Marine Biology Consultant, Ocean Sustainabilty Joint Ventures -

About coaching -

"I just wanted to say how wonderfully skilled you are.

Looking back on our conversation yesterday, I feel like someone in a fantasy story who finds a wise guide who gives them the hints and tools they need to find their way through the haunted forest. I can’t thank you enough."

About teaching -

Priya's sophisticated listening and communication skills provide an inspiring model."

I just completed an eight-week class in Non-Violent Communication with Priya.

This was my first direct experience with NVC. I became interested in NVC because I was trying to resolve a deep-seated conflict among my professional colleagues. I found that NVC very useful in helping with this conflict and I was especially surprised to discover how profoundly useful it was for me personally.

Priya’s class led me to new insights about looking beneath surface judgments, making requests that are respectful of myself and others, and understanding the true meaning of self empathy as a source of respect and calm. Priya’s classes are well-structured and include an effective mix of theory, practice, and personal relevance.

I highly recommend her classes and personal facilitation for anyone seeking to improve their ability to communicate effectively with themselves and others in virtually any type of situation."


- Corinne Blumme, Personal Coach, Yoga teacher, Founder of Evolve Wellness Center, London -

"Priya creates a beautiful container for self exploration.

I have greatly appreciated Priya's skillfull guidance as my coach. In our sessions I have always felt safe, nurtured and supported in exploring my inner world - both the shadow and the light. I feel truly heard by her and have found her reflections and insights invaluable to my growth."


- Marian Rosen, Acupuncturist -

"Thank you Priya for sharing your magical wisdom about the body.

I met Priya at a time when I was physically exhausted.

I took her daily restorative yoga/somatic movement classes and was literally nursed back to vitality within a few weeks. I've practised a lot of Yoga, Qi Qong and energy work and I found her extensive knowledge of all these practises extremely impressive. She was able to help every individual in the classes in a profound way."


- Lydia Golden, Body Work and Somatic Specialist -

"Every class is a gem delivered lovingly and with impeccable clarity by Priya.

My husband and I just completed Priya’s Compassionate Communication Skills TeleCourse! The course was rich with inspiration, skill building and opportunities for exploring new ways of being within the context of my own authenticity.

In the weekly classes we had the opportunity to practice and integrate the concepts in one of the most mindful groups I have had the pleasure of participating in. I loved the thoroughness of the course. I loved that we could stay home together and participate in the privacy of our home sitting on the couch together in our pajamas! Through the weekly documents and talks and class sessions we were able to delve deeply into the material in our own time.

We have been married for 23 years and knew we needed something because we were both tired of still compromising ourselves all too often to deal with our differences.

From my initial conversations with Priya I knew that if my husband and I could give one another the kind of generous attention Priya demonstrated was possible through these skills, that we would find much greater satisfaction than we were feeling in our everyday interactions (which went south more often than we like to admit).

My husdband and I noticed after the very first class that we were more open hearted with each other. I found myself being more relaxed and less defensive than usual. Even my sister, with whom I have had a life long challenging relationship with, noticed, saying that I was different!

My husband and I now have empathy for each other as never before and give each other much more breathing room in our relationship. It was all gentle and joyful, as Priya’s own mastery of being compassionate and lighthearted, modeled an inspiring living example of the skills. The skills we have learned we will now have for a lifetime and I can’t imagine how we have been managing without them this long."


- Peggy Hackney, Laban Movement Anaylyst, Director of LIMS, Professor of Dance Education -

"I highly recommend Priya without reservation.

Her capacity to be with me on both a body and an emotional level facilitated the kind of growth that I needed at a very special time in my life.

She offers very unique deep integrative work."


- Loren Grenlich, Artist, Inspirator, -

"My relationship with my partner is more loving and supportive.

I recently completed Priya's Compassionate Communication course and I am so glad that I did! As a teacher she really cares about her students learning. She is effective, safe, and compassionate in her leadership, her coaching, her speaking, and her listening. Her course is filled with enough information to last way beyond the end of the class.

I participated in the program because I know how powerful the Nonviolent Communication work is as I studied it a bit about 8 years ago and knew that an update and practice would be very helpful.

I'm often surprised to find out that, although I think that I communicate when I am speaking, I'm not always communicating. The same goes for when I am listening. Although I know I am hearing, I am aware that I am not always listening to what I am hearing. In the course with Priya I got a good handle on why this is and how I can communicate when speaking and listen when hearing, powerfully and effectively.

With the new understanding that I gained from this course, my relationship with myself and others and my view of the world has shifted in positive ways that I feel great about. My new skills help me to communicate with my partner with the love and support that I so value.

I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't benefit greatly from taking this course with her.

To quote Rumi, "Speak a new language so the world will be a new world."


- Jamie R., Elementary School Teacher -

"I now know what I want and have the inner strength to go for it!"

As a result of being in the coaching group with Priya I have come to know my feelings with clarity, to connect them to my needs and know how to make healthy choices. For the past thirteen years, I have had difficulty changing a situatio that was toxic to me.
Priya helped me to shift this. Her unique approach to dealing with "frozen" situations in life has helped me to become "unfrozen" in my situation. Priya's talent and sincerity has helped me to find inner peace in the midst of the storm."


- Condie Ward, Artist, Mother, Preschool Teacher -

"With Priya as my guide I have become more empowered and positive in my relationships.

I have received more benefits in my personal growth than I have gotten from traditional therapy.
Working with her and the wonderful women in our group has shown me that past patterns can be changed for the better.

I got more in touch with my feelings and needs, and how to communicate them more effectively in important relationships. I am pausing to think more before speaking and to really listen, especially to my kids. They are talking to me more because I am not giving unasked for advice. I am so happy about this! I am also having more moments of personal insight and learning which is so important to me.

Priya’s kindness, patience and knowledge make her the perfect guide on a journey of self-reflection while practicing new communication skills. I don’t want this kind of “work” to ever end. I feel very nurtured by the group. It is so good to have people who really want to hear what is going on in my life."


- Barbara A., Public School Teacher, Mother and Wife -

"Through Priya's coaching I discovered what I really needed to lead a more fulfilling life.

Priya's coaching has given me the tools to tap into a part of myself I never knew existed. I am so different now from where I was before the group.

I used to try to take responsibility for other people by taking on their problems. I do not do that anymore. I have found the strength to stick to what is true for me and to set clear boundaries. I've built confidence, self care and assertiveness. I have also learned how to forgive myself in the face of personal misfortune.

I am on the path to true happiness and peace.

Priya has a genuine interest and talent in sharing her wisdom as she teaches the principals of common needs, connections and understanding. The journey with Priya is for anyone who wishes to grow and mature into her best self."


- Shelley Fein, Teacher, Mother, Wife, Entrepreuner -

After working with Priya I feel more energized, empowered and enthusiastic about my future.

As a mom and wife I had been used to taking care of my family. Everyone else came first before me. That was okay when the kids were small but now that they are grown it does not work. I have been physically exhausted, emotionally drained and mentally overwhelmed.

Now, after the coaching with Priya, I am more at ease with being assertive with asking for what I need and not feeling guilty about it. I am beginning to let go of trying to manage everyone and I am trusting that things will work out if I let my family members take care of themselves. So, I am deliberately letting go of taking care of things for others. I am taking care of myself instead and that feels great!I have begun to include myself in my thinking about my life, and to think about what makes me happy "


- Michelle S., Visual Artist, Graphic Designer, Mother, Wife -

"I think you are the best coach/therapist I’ve encountered.

I attribute a lot of the positive changes in my life to my doing coaching with you, truly. It turned the tide!"