Compassion’s Paradigm

In the process of learning Compassionate Communication it is sometimes hard to make the leap from the theory and templates for practice to actually knowing how and when to use it in real life. For the roots of any learning to take hold in the ground of your being it takes a bit of faith, […] Read more »

Compassion at Home

A great question was brought up in the Compassionate Communication class recently and that was “…it’s all great to be practicing these skills in a class in which we are all on the same page and it is safe, where there is no heated conflict, but how do I use these skills with my partner […] Read more »

Open the Flow of Love

What's it like? For an introvert … to stand up and shout out - “Here I am!” In the past I've shuddered at the thought of standing up publicly. Now, it’s time to step out and be seen! It’s thrilling, even though it’s not easy! I’ve been shy like the one who stands on the […] Read more »

Returning to Love

On my daily trips to the river I see two other regular visitors. A man and a dog who are completely in love and devoted to each other. The pure love vibe between them is so palpable! The man has no leash around the dog’s neck and the dog wants to be nowhere else but […] Read more »

Create More Love in Your Life

I think it is pretty safe to say that we all want to create more love in our lives. Whether it is in a romantic connection, with our children, friends, family or even at work. We all want to feel love, even if it comes in the form of a warm and friendly smile from […] Read more »